Pannonia P21 Lux Replika

1973 – Nicely rebuilt replica, with gray traffic license.



This motorcyle was made with very beautyful and detailed work. The Pannonia P21 Lux was the most equipped motorcycle in the history of Hungaryan motorcycle prudction. It had the most powerful 2 cylinder engine. This motorcycle has been rebuilt so that the engine number and frame number are retained the same as before. It has the registration certificate and the sales contract. The engine got Japanise Honda pistons, piston rings, engine pins, piston rods. It wont break easily. The transmission got new bushings, ground axles, new bearings (SKFs) and a reinforced kickstarter kit. The clutch has been reinforced too, because it has 6 lamellae instead of the original 5. It has both a speedometer and a tachometer. The first headlight has a halogen bulb. The rear is Yamaha. Plus, the mudguard, the tool box cover, the brake drum, the brake shoes and the side stand are all chrome plated. It has Honda turn signs, and VAPE ignition. Thhe brakes are reinforced too, Te park brake lever has been extended. That's why it's easier to pull and push the brake and it has a better braking effect. This renovation took a lot of work and a lot of money. You can go anywere with this bike and also suitable for daily use.

I can do the delivery.

Price: 5500 Euro

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