Trabant P601S Combi

1985, Factory Original



Trabant Kombi P601S Almost completely original factory, very nice condition, real 07292 kilometres. It was owned by an elderly lady who used it very little! Unfortunately the heirs dumped it in a grassy area where it sat for months! This location caused the underside of the undercarriage parts to become pure rust! So the undercarriage was completely stripped and after sandblasting it was nicely painted black! The bodywork paintwork has been touched up by someone at some point, so there are a couple of spots on it, which means it is barely noticeable! The interior is very nice, you can see the little use.The tires are original too, but need to be replaced because the sides are cracked!
It has a two sheet green out of circulation registration! With a contract of sale!

A true collector's item, not many made in this color, especially station wagons. That is why it is not for sale at any price. And the price keeps going up!

Price: 8.990 EUR


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