NSU MAX OSB 251 + Steib LS 200 sidecar

Restored, 1959.




NSU MAX 251 OSB 1959 es + Steib LS 200 aftermarket with new sidecar FOR SALE! Whatever was necessary has been replaced again. Many new parts have been installed! The motorcycle is in very nice aesthetic and perfect technical condition. It has a lot of work! You can ride this bike anywhere, it will definitely bring you home, it is suitable for daily use. The engine block is still in running-in condition at the moment. This restoration work is truly professional, top class TOP TOP TOP quality, both visually and technically! Just finished! Unfortunately it does not have a registration yet, but it is in progress.

In case of serious interest I can arrange the German registration and then just have to naturalize it!

Price: 14.800 EUR



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