Jawa 354

1962, Renovated 



All parts have been dismantled and restored to factory condition, down to the smallest detail, identical to the type. What was necessary has been replaced again. Many new parts have been installed! The motorcycle is in very nice aesthetic and perfect technical condition. A lot of work has been done on it, which cost a lot of money. You can ride this bike anywhere, it will definitely bring you home, it is suitable for daily use. The engine block is still in running order at the moment.This type was produced after the Peras, so called "frog with lamp head and violin seat" , not many of this type survive. A real collectors item!

It has no registration certificate,but I will take the OT classification. Inscribed in the name and technically insured!

Please note: the vehicle is currently located at our site in Hungary! German registration and 2 years German technical inspection (TÜV).

Price: 7.900 EUR



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