BMW R60/2

1963 – Restored



This is an originally white, civil BMW R60/2. It has matching frame and engine number with the original data plate. It has withdrawn EU papers. The motorcycle got new seats, exhaust drums. The black lines were added to the paintjob. The space between the ignition and the valves is set correctly. The carburetors were cleaned and got a new nozzle as well. All the wires are new so now all the light are working. The engine start easily and runs well. In the left cylinder there's a long threaded spark plug, so it has a matching cylinder head on it. The engine and the gearbox works properly. The paintwork and the chrome plating are not bad. Only the inside of the wheels was painted black. One of the previous owner was a car mechanic, he repaired some parts, then the motorcycle just stood. The next owner barely used it for 6 years. The front wheel is jumping a bit, so it maybe need some balancing. On the bottom edge of the ignition cover there is a small dent. The engine block was sandblasted, but with a little sandpapering it can be removed, and the surface will look like the original.

I can do the delivery.

Price: 8.900 Euro + Transport

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